Jared Mobarak:

The promise of more keeps us engaged and the absence of it disappoints. This is too bad because when it works it is captivating.


Chuck Bowen:
Steve Hoover's documentary affords one an unusually intimate glance at the collapsed infrastructure of the former Soviet Union.

Nick Schager:
Hoover's style seems equally fit for a bleak documentary, suspenseful thriller, black comedy, dystopian sci-fi nightmare and grisly horror film.

Jennie Kermode:
In the midst of this struggle come moments of extraordinary beauty.

Roger Moore:
A charismatic subject sympathetically portrayed in a structurally clumsy documentary.

David N. Butterworth:
All Hail the Republic of Pilgrim!

Cynthia Fuchs:
No one can argue with Gennadyi's rousing effectiveness a performer, even as his exhortations can be both galvanizing and haranguing

Joshua Rothkopf:
Steve Hoover's outraged documentary follows pastor Gennadiy Mokhnenko, a furiously committed intervener who drags drug-addicted kids into clinics and confronts the pharmacists who sell them codeine.

Aaron Hillis:
The best superhero vigilante movie of the year.

Steve Dollar:
Steve Hoover's documentary boasts a colorful and controversial subject, who strides through the squalor to an Atticus Ross score.

Fionnuala Halligan:
A powerful, meaty documentary.

Casey Cipriani:
There have been numerous criticisms of Mokhnenko's tactics over the years... But one has to wonder: if Hoover's side shows a man striving to ensure that children no longer die in the streets from drug addiction, who's on the other side?

Sheri Linden:
[A] handsomely shot, sometimes harrowing doc.

Edward Johnson-Ott:
Crocodile Gennadiy is the powerful sophomore documentary by Steve Hoover


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